Shaping the Future of Mental Health: Exploring Europe’'s Tech Start-ups

by Helia Alberto Monteiro

In celebration of Mental Health Week, we turn our focus to the remarkable advancements occurring in the realm of mental health technology, across Europe. As we continue to prioritize mental well-being, innovative companies across the continent are harnessing the power of technology to offer novel solutions and support systems. These companies are not only reshaping the landscape of mental health care, but are also contributing to the broader dialogue surrounding mental wellness and accessibility.


IesoDigital Health (United Kingdom)

About Ieso Digital Health:

Ieso Digital Health, headquartered in Cambridge, specializes in providing online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)services for individuals dealing with mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Their platform connects patients with accredited therapists for live, one-to-one therapy sessions conducted via secure messaging.

Most Recent Funding and Lead Investor:

Ieso Digital Health has recently achieved significant growth with a successful Series B funding round. The company secured a substantial £39 million (approximately $51.5 million) to further its mission of providing accessible mental health support. This funding round was led by Ancora Finance Group, a prominent investment firm focused on supporting innovative healthcare solutions. This investment represents a major milestone for Ieso Digital Health as it continues to address the global mental health crisis with its digital therapeutics’ platform. You can read more about the funding round here.


KaiaHealth Software GmbH (Germany)

About Kaia Health:

Kaia Health, based in Munich, stands as the world's largest digital therapeutics company, dedicated to empowering millions of individuals to lead healthier lives. The company collaborates with leading health plans, employers, and providers, extending its reach to cover nearly 80million lives worldwide. Kaia Health's evidence-based treatments, addressing conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, are powered by proprietary AI, motion analysis technology, and clinical expertise.

Most Recent Funding and Lead Investor:

In a significant development, Kaia Health recently secured a $75 million Series C funding round, highlighting the surging demand for virtual therapies. This investment, as reported by Fierce Healthcare, underscores Kaia Health's pivotal role in revolutionizing healthcare delivery. With a steadfast commitment to improving outcomes and accessibility for millions worldwide, Kaia Health continues to lead the way in digital therapeutics.


HelloBetter (Germany)

About HelloBetter:

 HelloBetter, formerly known as GET.ONInstitut, is a Berlin-based company specializing in evidence-based digital interventions for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Their platform offers online therapy programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles.

Most Recent Funding and Lead Investor:

HelloBetter recently concluded a successful funding round, raising €6.15 million in Series A financing. The round was led by Wellington Partners, a venture capital firm with a focus on technology and life sciences investments across Europe. With a focus on improving accessibility and outcomes for individuals worldwide, HelloBetter remains at the forefront of revolutionizing mental health care through digital interventions.

As the demand for mental health support continues to rise, innovative tech start-ups like IESO Digital Health, KaiaHealth and HelloBetter are at the forefront of driving meaningful change. By harnessing the power of technology, these companies are breaking down barriers to access, empowering individuals to prioritize their mental well-being, and ultimately shaping the future of mental health care in Europe. Keep an eye on these trailblazing Series A companies as they continue to pave the way for amore mentally healthy world.