In conversation with Lubana Khan- Atara Scale

As an executive search firm, Atara has been able to make some fantastic executive-level hires across early stages to scale up technology businesses. Atara Scale, as an extension of Atara Search, is the next step in our journey towards being able to holistically support founders and investors in their overarching organisational growth needs. Introducing Atara Scale and Lubana Khan!

Lubana grew up in Bangladesh and at the age of thirteen moved to London. She remembers this time of her life as a time of change and tremendous challenge:

“This experience allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of cultural nuances, communication styles, and interpersonal dynamics. This cultural sensitivity was important in teaching me to engage with candidates from various cultural backgrounds effectively and fostering meaningful connections and rapport.”

Her time at the University of Essex, while completing her BSc. of International Business, sparked an interest in global economics and she was eager to find opportunities to work with an array of international clients. “Particularly the expansion of my global perspective and understanding of the interconnectedness of the world.” 

She started her recruitment journey in 2019 at the Davies Group and enjoyed the challenge. Since then she’s acted as an account manager, delivery consultant and client relationship manager while also getting several years of consulting experience under her belt. 

Lubana’s expertise lies in technology and the financial services world in contingent recruitment, so what made her want to work at Atara? “The warm and welcoming nature of the everyone in the team. The collaborative and close-knit culture.”

Some unique opportunities in the market prompted the birth of the Atara Scale:

“We have recently made several high-profile C-suite hires who have approached us around scaling their teams, we recognise that growing and early-stage businesses require flexibility in the fee and process structure for these wider team hires. Atara Scale enables us to fulfil that need.”

This new division is backed up by Atara’s existing extensive network of executives doing some exciting things in the industry, to leverage referrals and recommendations. 

“We are working to build strong, function-specific, communities (for example, in the Customer Success space) through events, thought leadership and online knowledge sharing that we can leverage when conducting these searches.”

Her vision for Atara Scale is to continue building a strong generalist team focused on quick turnaround for clients. Thereafter, she wants to grow and increase our capacity to support specific business needs and functions within an industry specialism. 

She’s already helped our clients make exciting placements to grow their teams.

“We recently made two successful foundational hires for a really exciting ClimateTech/ FinTech business. We invested significant time in deeply understanding the nuances of the space and the needs of the client in question. 

The business’s unique position in the market meant a collaborative and creative approach was needed to find true category creators within a limited candidate pool, and ultimately contribute to the lasting success of the organisation.”

Lubana aims to keep transparency and clear communication of expectation at the forefront of Atara Scale as it grows:

“We measure our success by the success of our clients and the long-lasting nature of these relationships. Ethical recruitment is not something that we are willing to compromise on at any stage of the process and whatever the level of the role. We recognise that we are representing our clients in the market and therefore hold ourselves to a standard that reflects that.”