Climate Tech Heroes

by Lubana Khan

Climate change is no longer a looming threat, but an ever-present reality. But amidst the rising tides and scorching forest fires, a new breed of heroes is emerging: climate tech companies. 

These start-ups are wielding the latest and greatest tech innovations to tackle the environmental crisis head-on. And it’s all happening right under our noses. Ranking second globally behind Stockholm in 2023, London is a major hub for climate tech investment. 

Let’s unmask some of these vigilantes. Here are four inspiring firms within the climate-tech space! 


We like to think of ourselves and our companies as a force of good in the world. Putting “our operations create a carbon footprint which is stomping out all future hopes” in a missions statement doesn’t really get you rearing out of bed in the morning, right?

That's where Climatiq swoops in.
  • Carbon Footprint Measurement: Climatiq equips businesses with a special utility belt of data tools, allowing them to measure their carbon footprint. They have a massive database filled with information on the carbon footprint generated by everyday activities, like running servers or shipping products. Things you hardly think about!
  • Actionable Insights: Once Climatiq sniffs out these hidden emissions, they use their data analysis powers to show businesses exactly where they can cut back. With this intel, businesses can become lean, green fighting machines.
  • Sustainable Solutions: But Climatiq doesn't stop there. For those stubborn emissions that can't be eliminated, Climatiq has a marketplace filled with solutions. They can connect businesses with projects that offset their remaining footprint, like planting trees to balance out those delivery truck fumes.

So, if your business wants to be a champion for the environment, Climatiq is the ultimate sidekick.

About Us | Climatiq


With the booming interest in climate tech, there is no shortage of baddies and bandits out there posing as the real deal. When it comes to investing, companies want to rest easy that they aren’t funding the next captain crook. That's where Sylvera comes in, like a superhero scout with a laser eye for legitimacy.

Sylvera is the carbon data company that helps organisations invest in real climate action. They don't just throw money at fancy projects; they use cutting-edge tech and a team of experts to analyse carbon-reduction projects.

Here's how Sylvera works:
  • Superhero Bootcamp: Sylvera has a team of experts who assess these projects, making sure they actually capture, remove, or avoid emissions.
  • X-Ray Vision for Good: They use fancy tech and data to see right through greenwashing, ensuring the projects deliver real climate impact. No more imposters here!
  • The Hall of Fame: Once a project passes muster, Sylvera adds it to their hall of fame – a platform with detailed reports and insights, so you know exactly where your investment is going.

With Sylvera's intel, organisations and governments can confidently invest in real climate heroes, making a true difference in the fight against climate change.

State of play: Carbon credits with Sylvera - Etcho


44.01 tackles climate change by using a clever trick: turning captured carbon into rock. They take our CO2 and inject it deep underground where it reacts with rocks called peridotite. This natural process normally takes ages, but 44.01 has sped it up!

Here's the gist of what 44.01 does:

  • Magic Mineralizer: They use their tech to transform CO2 into rock, permanently locking it away underground.
  • Super Speedy Storage: By speeding up the natural process, they can turn CO2 into rock in just a year, instead of decades!
  • Clean Crew: The whole process is powered by renewable energy sources like solar and biofuels, so it doesn't create any more heat for our already overheating planet.

With their innovative technology, 44.01 is helping to cool down the Earth and fight climate change, one super-fast rock formation at a time!


How it works – 4401


Undo tackles climate change by essentially hitting the rewind button!

Here's how Undo cleans things up:
  • Rock Power: Undo uses a natural process called enhanced rock weathering. They spread crushed rocks rich in certain minerals on farmland, and they work like tiny sponges for CO2.
  • Nature's Helping Hand: Plants and microbes in the soil speed up the weathering process, sucking the CO2 out of the air and locking it away in the rocks permanently.
  • Double Whammy: Not only does this remove CO2, but the crushed rocks also improve soil health, making it a win-win for the environment and farmers.

Undo's mission is to spread enough crushed rock to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, essentially "undoing" some of the damage caused by pollution.

UNDO captures $13 million to scale its volcanic rock dust carbon removal  projects

These profiles cover just a small portion of the League of Heroes combating climate change. It’s no glamorous blockbuster, and no cameos are to be found here! Just hardworking companies using their good ideas and the latest tech and data to tackle the environmental crisis head-on. 

From meticulously measuring carbon footprints to permanently storing CO2 underground, these firms offer a diverse arsenal of solutions. From your friendly neighbourhood recycling scheme to national initiatives- we need all the help we can get.

With continued investment and support for these climate-tech pioneers, we can turn the tide on climate change and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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