Deeptech Labs-Partner, Investments and Programme



Partner, Investments and Programme


Case Study

Deeptech Labs-Partner, Investments and Programme


After closing their initial accelerator fund with investment from ARM, Cambridge Innovation Capital and the University of Cambridge, Deeptech Labs were looking for a Partner to lead on the Investment and Programme side of things to allow the business to continue to raise the follow-on fund and move towards their stated aim of investing in the Worlds top Deeptech companies.


This search wasn’t straightforward because the focus was as much on attracting cohort companies and designing and running the programmes, as on the Investment side of the business. As such, we had to run a very focused and specific search process because the pool of suitable candidates was much smaller than on most searches. We relied heavily on our deep investor network and the Business Leaders community that we have built alongside Hot Topics to build out our longlist.



Isabela Chick
Having studied at Cambridge herself, Isabela was already familiar with the ecosystem that Deeptech Labs is operating within. This along with her rich and varied experience strategic, operational and investment positions made her an incredibly well positioned candidate for the role. Her mix of early stage and corporate experience only served to fit the brief further making for an incredibly successful hire.