Cyncly- Director of Revenue Enablement




Director of Revenue Enablement



Cyncly- Director of Revenue Enablement


Cyncly were looking to consolidate a number of businesses after an international merger, and were in need of a Revenue Enablement leader to help tackle markets that were behind the curve, accelerate their growth and re-onboard the entire company onto a new set of sales practices.


We needed to target someone very metrics driven, while being both strategic and hands on. The preference was to have someone based in the US, who could build strong relationships internally and internationally, and with exposure to complex GTM models and an acquisitive environment. We conducted a multi-regional search within SaaS scale-ups all across the US East Coast, among an extremely busy market for talent.



Nicole Filippone
Nicole was described as an exceptional opposite of someone she would be working with. She has a great history of building out scalable programs and learning paths, across a number of small and large scale organisations such as New York Life, CA Technologies and Cloudbees. She is meticulously detail oriented and loves making content and teaching people.